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Review of To Love a Stranger

This book has two main characters, Sam and Jeanette. They meet when they both move to the same city and work in an orchestra together. Sam has just been hired as Maestro and Jeannette becomes his accompanist. There is much detail about orchestras and music throughout the book which was interesting. I found the first half of the book slow but well written and then it moves faster as the book continues. Sam has come to this orchestra with many secrets about himself. As he and Jeannette form a relationship he keeps these secrets from her. I had trouble with Jeannette in the first half of the book. Although she is supposed to be shy and quiet I found she had no backbone and just went along with

Review of The Marriage Lie

I really enjoyed this book. Iris and Will seem to have a great marriage. Iris is therefore devastated when she hears Will has been killed in a plane crash. Iris starts to find inconsistencies with what Will has told her because the plane he was on was enroute to Seattle and Will was supposed to be traveling to Orlando. As she investigates further she learns more and more things about Will's past that he hasn't told her. As the book continues you can see where the story is going but it is still suspenseful until the end. I thought the characters were well written except for Iris's mom. She came across as being annoying and almost an irritant to her family. I wish she would have come across a

Review of Second Acts

I really enjoyed this book. It's the story of three women who become friends during their college days in the 1960s and goes up to 2001. Throughout this time they have remained great friends. For most of the book they all live in NYC or nearby. We go through the ups and downs of the lives of the three women. The characters are really well developed and I was invested in their stories. The flow of the book is good. It was great to go through their lives over the years and to see how the friendship was always sustained. All of the women were very independent but still had a circle of family and friends around them which was interwoven throughout. I would definitely recommend this book. Than

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