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Review of Welcome to Your Life

Let me first say that I am not in the demographic that this book is written for and that this is the author's first book. This is a story about teenage pregnancy. Tonya finds out she is pregnant the summer after graduation and she has previously broken up with the father of the baby. After finding out she is pregnant she still has no plan to reconcile with the father which is for the best as he is defintely not ready to be a husband or a father. Tonya goes to the local community college in the fall for her freshman year and there she meets a new boy. He is a great guy who likes her, for her, even though she is pregnant. They grow closer and spend more time together during the semester. One t

Review of Hello Sunshine

This was an interesting book. It is very timely as it is about social media and our perception of so called celebrities. Sunshine (Sunny) MacKenzie has built her life and career around lies. She has become a YouTube cooking sensation. The problem is - she doesn't know how to cook. The book begins as Sunny's life starts to unravel. Her social media accounts have been hacked and the truth about her comes out. Her marriage and career instantly are destroyed. She is forced to go back to her hometown to try and find a way to start over. We learn that basically everything Sunny has promoted about herself is false - from the truth about where she was brought up and the type of family she had and ba

Review of The Book of Summer

This is a book about a book and a house and a family. The 'Book of Summer' is in Cliff House, the summer home of the family and is located in Nantucket. The house has been in the family for generations and each person who stays at the house writes about their stay in the book. Unfortunately due to erosion the house is now not stable and must be demolished. Bess has come home to insist that her mother, Cissy, move out before the house ends up in the ocean. Cissy is resistant, boisterous, and cantankerous. At times she really annoyed me with her over the top behaviour and at times it was endearing. As we are told about what is written in the book we follow the generations before and the lives

Review of Flood

I liked this book but was unable to like any of the characters. The story takes place in Hannibal, Missouri, the home of Mark Twain. It was interesting to learn more about Tom and Becky and about Mark Twain's other characters. It sounds like a great place to visit for all its historical significance. The author also tells us a lot about the Mississippi River and what it is like to live near it and constantly battle flooding. The story is about Laura returning home after being away for ten years. We learn about Laura's family and her needy best friend. The best character in the book is, Bobby, the friend's son. It's a very hard life that Laura's friends and family live in Hannibal - alcoholis

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