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Review of The Worst Best Man

What a fun book. I loved it. A great romcom with the main character being a wedding planner. It was perfect that I read this around Valentine’s Day. The characters are very likeable - especially Max! 😉 You will love him. Some fun multigenerational characters to love too. An “own voices” story. The romance is well written and the book is one you will not want to put down. Thank you to HarperCollins Canada for my free review copy!

Review of A Good Neighborhood

Thank you to St Martin’s Press for my free review copy. This is a character driven drama novel that I really enjoyed. Valerie is a single mother to her teenage son Xavier. Xavier is set to graduate in a few months and already has been accepted to a prestigious music university. They are curious to see who their new next door neighbours are going to be. They already know they are rich by the size of the house and the pool they have built. Valerie is very passionate and knowledgeable about nature and plants and is concerned about the amount of trees that were taken out to fit the house. She also has a very old tree in her yard with a delicate root system. The new family move in and the husband

Review of Love Lettering

First I have to say the cover on the book is so pretty and fits the story perfectly. Meg is a designer of planners and journals because of her amazing hand lettering skill. She used to work on wedding invitations and that was how she first encountered Reid. She put little characters secretly into his wedding program that showed the marriage would fail. The wedding ultimately didn’t take place but a year later Reid realized the code she had woven into the program. He seeks her out to find out how and why she has done this. Meg is currently completely blocked artistically and as she develops a bit of a friendship with Reid she hopes he can help her find her inspiration by showing him places ar

Review of Stories We Never Told

This is my third book by this author and I keep liking each one more than the last. Her books are all very different from each other so you are never sure what sort of story will be told. This book revolves around four main characters, Jackie, Miles, Nasira, amd Harlan. Jackie and Harlan are esteemed university professors and have a romantic past with each other. Jackie is now happily married to Miles. Nasira comes to work under Jackie and also starts a relationship with Harlan. Jackie becomes a little unhinged with jealousy at this point but luckily that eventually passes. As Jackie’s research work starts to be tampered with she is determined to find out who is doing this to her. Her once g

Review of Then, Now, and Always

This is an #ownvoices second chance love story that is perfect for romance lovers. The characters were interesting and I love a second chance love story. I also enjoyed learning more about the Indian culture! The teenage daughter in the book is definitely a lot of fun and keeps the adults on their toes. Overall a great read.

Review of Photos of You

Ava is 28 when she learns her cancer is back and it’s terminal. She knows she doesn’t have much time left so she tries to make the most of every day. Ava’s one dream has always been to have a wedding. She doesn’t have a groom but her family and friends help her plan the special day as a celebration of her life. There is so much to learn from this book from the emphasis on being a strong advocate for your own health to living you life fully in whatever way you choose to. The book makes you stop and think about your own decisions in how you spend the precious time we have to live. It’s a tough read as Ava’s health declines. Have the tissues handy but make sure you pick up this book.

Review of Framed

This is an amazing book by a debut author. I loved this book and it definitely didn’t feel like a debut book. The book starts out with a chaotic and violent crime scene that instantly hooks you into the story. Beth and Jay have enough problems in their life and marriage and those are compounded once Beth’s college friend, Cassie, comes to stay with them. Unfortunately Cassie has been trouble ever since Beth first met her. Cassie and Beth seem like polar opposites and unlikely friends and Jay is confused about their connection. Jay has enough problems of his own and they are compounding! I really liked the writing style and the story is fast paced. There are a lot of twists and turns that kee

Review of Dear Edward

This was an interesting book with a great plot although I did find the book dragged in some places. Edward is 12 years old and is the sole survivor of a plane crash that killed his parents and older brother Jordan. He then goes to live with his aunt and uncle. Ever since the crash Edward has shut down emotionally and the only person he connects with is his next door neighbour, a girl named Shay. I was frustrated that none of the adults really could help Edward through his grief etc. His aunt and uncle were kind and meant well but he didn’t form a close bond with them. There are flashbacks throughout the book about the plane trip and some backstory on the passengers which I really enjoyed. We

Review of You Are Not Alone

This was my first book by these popular authors so I was eager to check out their writing style. This book was fast paced especially toward the end. A suicide occurs in the beginning of the book that Shay witnesses and this sends her life into a chaotic mess. Shay is a lost soul struggling to find her way in the world. Unfortunately she gets mixed up with the mysterious Moore sisters as she becomes obsessed with learning more about the suicide victim. As Shay gets more involved with the sisters her life initially starts to improve. She has had a physical transformation, she finds a new apartment and job and she has wonderful new friends. Unfortunately she soon learns nothing is as it seems.

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