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Review of Her Perfect Life

This is a debut author and she have woven together a great story. I love family stories so I was interested in this book that revolves around two sisters. Eileen is struggling with her part time job, raising a family, and a disconnect from her husband when she learns her sister has committed suicide. Claire has lived a charmed life or so it seems. She is a successful novelist, lives in a mansion, and has a husband that adores her. As Eileen is at the airport heading to help her brother in law she receives a shock that upends her own life and future. I really enjoyed this book and found the multi layered story fascinating as Eileen and her brother in law retrace Claire’s life to find out why

Review of The Last Bathing Beauty

This is a wonderfully written and heartfelt book. The story takes place over two time periods, 1950’s and present day. We meet Betty as she is working for the summer at her grandparent’s summer camp before heading to college in the fall. Along with Betty are her two best friends Georgia and Doris. Present day Betty is reminiscing with her friends and granddaughter about what her life could have been if things had worked out differently that fateful summer long ago. I loved these characters and I really enjoyed this book. The dual timeline worked well and I liked learning Betty’s life story.

Review of Hurry Home

I was eagerly anticipating this book by author Roz Nay. This is a family drama/suspense story. Alex works in child protection and lives with her boyfriend Chase. She has been very selective in what she has told him about her past and he thinks she is just a private person. Things start to change when her estranged sister, Ruth, shows up at her door. Alex has blamed Ruth for problems in their childhood with their parents and claims Ruth was always wild and disobedient. As it turns out Ruth is pregnant and is on the run from the criminal father of her baby. This only further proves Alex’s points about Ruth. As the story evolves we start to see cracks in the stories Alex tells and we learn more

Review of The First Emma

Camille Di Maio writes the most amazing historical fiction books! This is another one that is based in fact. The first Emma was an actual person and was a formidable and remarkable woman. She was quite the business woman and ran a brewery in San Antonio in and around 1918. Not the thing that women did in those days. The book documents what the author could find out about Emma’s life and develops a fiction story around it. Fun fact - there were three Emma’s in real life and they were all vastly different women. I’ll let you find out how that works. This is a historical fiction book that I highly recommend. The research alone for this story is amazing.

Review of In Five Years

I was a bit apprehensive about this book as to whether or not I would like it. Well that apprehension left as soon as I started reading. Dannie is a successful, goal oriented lawyer who is recently engaged to her long time boyfriend David. Her life is upended when she has a dream where it is five years in the future and she is in a different apartment with a different fiancé and engagement ring. The dream haunts her as it was so vivid. This book is heartbreaking and wonderful. There is friendship and love and hard choices. Overall I absolutely loved it.

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