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Review of To Love a Stranger

This book has two main characters, Sam and Jeanette. They meet when they both move to the same city and work in an orchestra together. Sam has just been hired as Maestro and Jeannette becomes his accompanist. There is much detail about orchestras and music throughout the book which was interesting. I found the first half of the book slow but well written and then it moves faster as the book continues. Sam has come to this orchestra with many secrets about himself. As he and Jeannette form a relationship he keeps these secrets from her. I had trouble with Jeannette in the first half of the book. Although she is supposed to be shy and quiet I found she had no backbone and just went along with everything Sam suggested. She was completely in love with him but I felt that even a shy person should have made more decisions about her future instead of blindly going along. She is aware that Sam has secrets. This book takes place in the mid to late 1980s when the AIDS epidemic had everyone afraid and unsure how to handle it. This plays a huge role in the book. I think the book finished strong with the main characters both becoming capable and well rounded. I would recommend this book. It is very heartbreaking to see what the characters go through but it is a truthful book.

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