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Review of The Book of Summer

This is a book about a book and a house and a family. The 'Book of Summer' is in Cliff House, the summer home of the family and is located in Nantucket. The house has been in the family for generations and each person who stays at the house writes about their stay in the book. Unfortunately due to erosion the house is now not stable and must be demolished. Bess has come home to insist that her mother, Cissy, move out before the house ends up in the ocean. Cissy is resistant, boisterous, and cantankerous. At times she really annoyed me with her over the top behaviour and at times it was endearing. As we are told about what is written in the book we follow the generations before and the lives they were leading. Secrets are revealed. It was interesting to learn of the other family members and about how the world was during their lives. This was a great summer read!

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