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Review of Behind Every Lie

Last year I read this author’s previous book, The Night Olivia Fell, and it was one of my favourite books of 2019. I was really looking forward to reading the new book by this author. Eva wakes up in the hospital and is told she was struck by lightning. She learns her mother, Kat, was murdered nearby from where Eva is found. Eva quickly becomes a suspect but the night is a blur to her. She starts trying to solve what happened before she is arrested. As she begins to find out more about her mother’s past she quickly heads to London to discover more information about their life before moving to the US. The story is told by Eva and we also learn details of Kat’s past. Eva begins to see moments from the fateful night that her mother died and wonders if she did in fact kill her mother. As Eva continues to search for clues and to try and remember how her mother died she also finds out many things about her mother and even herself that are a shock. There are some great twists and turns for Eva. This was another book that I thoroughly enjoyed.

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