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Review of Recipe for a Perfect Wife

I’m a big Karma Brown fan so I was eagerly looking forward to this book. I went into reading this one knowing it was going to take a different slant than her previous books. I’m happy to say that this book, while different, is also very entertaining and kept my interest throughout. The story is told through dual timelines which is a style that I find compelling. We meet two women, Nellie in the 1950’s, and Alice in present day. Alice and her husband move into a house previously owned by Nellie. The move has Alice at loose ends and as she finds an old cookbook and letters of Nellie’s in the basement she begins to immerse herself in how Nellie lived. As both women have struggles in their marriages we see how each of them deal with the challenges. I was eager to see where their stories would take us. The author has included many recipes from the 1950’s and that was a fun addition to the book.

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