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Review of Unspoken

Isabel is days away from finalizing a divorce from Paul and is going to their beach house for some introspection on her life. Paul has the same plan in mind and also unexpectantly ends up at the beach house. After some discussion they both decide to stay but to do their own thing. These characters were briefly introduced to us in this author’s previous book and I was looking forward to seeing what their story would be. This book isn’t as light hearted as the previous book and deals with some important issues regarding communication or lack thereof. Paul does a lot of work on himself after his marriage collapses and has become a different person in many ways. Paul and Isabel decide they will spend time together over the weekend and try to find a way to be friends. As they bare their souls to each other so many truths and misperceptions come to light. Can this couple find their way back to each other or do they have too much anger and miscommunication to reconnect?

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