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Review of You Were There Too

This is another interesting book from one of my favourite authors. Mia and Harrison decide to move from the city to a small town where they hope to start their family. Mia is a little unsettled as she adjusts to the move. Sadly Mia suffers a horrible miscarriage and it’s not her first one. Mia also has been having dreams of another man for quite some time. She is confused about the dreams as they are very vivid and she doesn’t remember ever meeting the man recurring in them. By chance Mia and Harrison meet the man that Mia is dreaming about. Mia is stunned and Oliver, the man in the dreams, appears to recognize her too. As Mia and Oliver spend time together they try to piece together what the dreams mean and if they have ever connected with each other in the past. Meanwhile Harrison is changing before Mia’s eyes. He now abruptly decides he doesn’t want to have children. What does all this mean? Which man should Mia be with? This book has some interesting details about dreams and makes you wonder about your own dreams.

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