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Review of Dear Edward

This was an interesting book with a great plot although I did find the book dragged in some places. Edward is 12 years old and is the sole survivor of a plane crash that killed his parents and older brother Jordan. He then goes to live with his aunt and uncle. Ever since the crash Edward has shut down emotionally and the only person he connects with is his next door neighbour, a girl named Shay. I was frustrated that none of the adults really could help Edward through his grief etc. His aunt and uncle were kind and meant well but he didn’t form a close bond with them. There are flashbacks throughout the book about the plane trip and some backstory on the passengers which I really enjoyed. We follow Edward up to his high school graduation. He has weathered the notoriety and intense interest in him through the years and is finally finding his way in life. This was 3.5 stars read for me but I’m rounding up to 4. I will be interested in reading more from this author.

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