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Review of Love Lettering

First I have to say the cover on the book is so pretty and fits the story perfectly. Meg is a designer of planners and journals because of her amazing hand lettering skill. She used to work on wedding invitations and that was how she first encountered Reid. She put little characters secretly into his wedding program that showed the marriage would fail. The wedding ultimately didn’t take place but a year later Reid realized the code she had woven into the program. He seeks her out to find out how and why she has done this. Meg is currently completely blocked artistically and as she develops a bit of a friendship with Reid she hopes he can help her find her inspiration by showing him places around the city. Reid hates NYC and is planning to move away soon so Meg wants to show him that the city has beauty amid what he thinks is dirt and frenetic chaos. I loved the NYC descriptions of places that are well known and also hidden gems. As their romance starts Meg is concerned because Reid is leaving soon. There are also some things about Reid and his job that are a mystery to Meg. As the story evolves and Reid’s secrets are revealed Meg develops a better understanding of him. The characters are great and I really enjoyed this charming story.

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