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Review of How to Save a Life

Okay so it’s no secret I like the books the talented author duo of Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke write. They are also two of the nicest authors and I was lucky enough to do an interview with them for my blog a couple of years ago. One thing I admire is that they aren’t afraid to change up their writing style. Their current book is also a new writing departure for them. When I first started this book I worried I wouldn’t like it. That it wouldn’t be my kind of book. Well, early on in the book I started to see where this one was going and I was along for the ride. Poor Dom, the main character, has to keep living Thursday over repeatedly in a time loop as he tries to save his ex fiancé from dying. Another thing I love is second chance romance tropes and this has one of those too. The writing flows so well even with the back and forth Thursday’s. I loved the characters and was impressed with seeing the personal development with Dom. Things were going along nicely for me until the ending. Don’t get me wrong the writing was still great and I had figured out how some of the ending was going to turn out but just not how it would happen. Ok - tissue in hand (sniffle) I have to say I loved this book. Thank you to Liz and Lisa for another great book for summer! Looking forward to seeing what you will do next.

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