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Review of Rules for Moving

This story focuses on Lane and her six year old son, Henry. Lane is an advice columnist for a newspaper and is in the process of separating from her alcoholic husband when he dies in a car accident. No one knows Lane was having marital trouble so she keeps it a secret to spare Henry so he will be unaware of what was really happening with his parents. So much of Lane’s life is a mess - from her job worries, to her finances, and her relationship with her parents. Lane’s childhood was always in upheaval due to the many moves her family made. She remembers back to these moves when she has to move to a different city with Henry. I liked the idea of the story but I just didn’t connect with any of the characters. There were many quirky characters and I still had trouble really understanding them by the end of the book. Although I liked this book it didn’t completely work for me. Having said that, I will be interested in reading more from this author.

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