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Review of The Last Flight

Two women - both running away from their current lives. Two women - a chance encounter at the airport and they decide to switch airline tickets and destinations. This is a fast paced suspenseful story and I loved it. Claire is running away from her powerful and abusive husband. Eva is running away from her life as a drug maker and dealer. Both of the women know this is their only chance to escape and completely disappear. When Claire’s initial plan is stopped she knows she has to pivot quickly. After the women meet they quickly decide to switch flights. The story is told by both Claire and Eva in the past and present. I really liked the way the time line and story alternated. There were some twists and turns that I definitely didn’t see coming. One of these twists was part of the ending which was a surprise to me. This book definitely kept my interest throughout and I enjoyed the character development and of course the suspense.

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