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Review of The Night Swim

Thank you to St Martins Press for my free review copy of this book. I enjoyed this author’s last book so was eager to read this one. This book was told by alternating points of view and also through a podcast. The main character, Rachel, has a successful crime podcast and is currently covering a rape trial. Please note that there are vivid descriptions of rape if this a trigger for you. The writer doesn’t use this to sensationalize the book and I think she has taken care in how she has portrayed it. Rachel is covering the trial of a 16 year old rape victim who has accused the local star athlete of raping her. In addition to this, another incident from the same town has been brought to her attention. This happened years earlier and the death of a teenage girl was classified as drowning but her sister believes she was murdered. The book deals with both cases and both are well written. I don’t classify this book as a thriller. I think it is more of a mystery. I loved the way the stories were told and I read this in a day. Overall another book from this author that I really enjoyed.

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