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Review of The Dazzling Truth

I loved this poignant character driven story. The writing is beautiful and the characters are well developed. We follow the lives of Maeve and Murtagh as they meet at University, marry, and have children. Maeve is American and is doing a semester at an Irish University when she falls in love with Murtagh and remains in Ireland rather than returning home. We are aware that there are some problems with Maeves’s mental health early on but she feels it is under control. Once they relocate to a small Irish island Maeve’s emotions and thoughts start to take over. She realizes that her dreams of being an actress will not happen and this is further reinforced when they have four children in a short span of time. When Maeve is unable to function Murtagh steps in and handles things for her. The love between Maeve and Murtagh is so well written and touching. As the years go by Maeve has good times and bad and she realizes what a toll this is taking on her family. Maeve makes a decision which completely rocks and changes the foundation of the family. The story spans three decades so we really get a sense of the dynamics of the family. The writing is very descriptive and atmospheric. As more years pass another decision is made by a family member that will either bring the family together or tear it apart. This book brings some important issues forward and I think they were told with great care. If you love family drama and slower character driven stories this one is for you. I really enjoyed this book and getting to know the Moone family.

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