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Review of The Last Wife

Thank you Graydon House Books for my free review copy for an honest review. I really liked this author’s last book and I liked this one even more. This was definitely a story that kept me guessing. Marie promises her best friend, her dying wish, that she will take care of her family once Nina dies. Nina leaves behind her husband and two small children. Marie wastes no time in helping out with the family once Nina is gone and maybe she gets a little too close. Complicating things for Marie is the return of her old friend Camilla. Marie has secrets and so does Camilla. Who has the most to lose and is Nina’s husband also carrying around secrets? Also Marie soon learns she didn’t know Nina as well as she thought. There are a lot of twists and turns here and I was kept guessing. I enjoyed the pacing of this one and was definitely curious to see how everything wrapped up.

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