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No One Wins Alone: A Memoir

Hockey autobiographies have a bit of a mixed track record. Just because a player was dynamic and entertaining on the ice does not mean their life story is all that interesting.

Mark Messier was one of the best hockey players to play the game and has become a legend in two different cities, so I was interested to see what stories he would share about his career. In writing about his life, Messier focuses on the one aspect most people remember him for; leadership. He takes the reader throughout his life and hockey career while highlighting where he saw both strong and poor leadership and how the team subsequently reacted to it.

Messier starts with the leadership he witnessed from his dad during his own minor hockey league career and continues with examples until his retirement in 2006. He also shares his thoughts on why teams succeed and fail in their quest for success.

If you are a hockey fan, you will enjoy this book, with most of the stories likely feeling familiar. If you have any interest in learning more about leadership, coaching, and teamwork this book will be a must-read.


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