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Review of A Heartfelt Christmas Promise

Thank you @katerockbooktours for inviting me to read A Heartfelt Christmas Promise. This is an endearing story set in an idyllic town and is perfect for a Christmas story. Vanessa is sent to Fraser Hills for a few weeks right before Christmas to close one of the biggest employers there. Once arriving there Vanessa realizes there is no reason for the Porters fruitcake company to close. She can achieve her company’s objectives by finding different warehouse space that they want and keeping the fruitcake factory in business with a profit. Although Fraser Hills is not somewhere city girl Vanessa initially wanted to go to she falls in love with the charming town and the kind and warm people she meets - especially a certain handsome man. Of course there are a few obstacles along the way for everything to work out. I really enjoyed being transported to Fraser Hills and meeting all of these wonderful characters. This is a perfect heartwarming book for this time of year.


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