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Review of A Place Called Home

I always find it hard to rate and review memoirs and biographies but with this book it isn’t hard at all. This is such a well written and powerful story! David Ambroz has written a gut wrenching, raw, heartbreaking, amazing and hopeful book. The resilience of the author with everything he has faced is beyond remarkable and that has me saying there is hope found in this book. As detailed in the book the author lives a life of homelessness and poverty as a child. At a young age he realizes he can’t continue to live this way with his mentally ill mother. The compassion and understanding he has for his mother is powerful even as he knows he has to leave her and enters the chaotic and poorly managed foster care system. Every fear we have for children in care seems to have befallen this child. Complicating matters further is that he is gay and during this time period being gay is not something that is accepted in most of society. This is a heavy book but is very important to read. I am so impressed to see what the author has overcome and achieved in his life. I highly recommend this book but be aware there a lot of details that will be uncomfortable as well as emotional triggers for some readers.


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