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Review of After Elias

I loved this book! This is a debut author and I am so impressed with this book. This is a character driven story with some elements of suspense. Coen has planned the perfect destination wedding for him and his fiancé Elias. Coen heads from his Vancouver home to wait for Elias and their family and friends to join him in Mexico. Elias has one more flight as a pilot before he arrives for the wedding. Horrifically Elias’s plane crashes and there are no survivors. Coen decides to turn what would have been their wedding into a celebration of life for Elias. There has always been an element of mystery surrounding Elias since he was never very forthcoming about his family or childhood. We begin to learn so much about the relationship between Coen and Elias as well as more about their individual lives. I loved Coen from page one and was captivated with his story. I found that the pacing of this book was great and the character development kept me very interested throughout. I was so invested in finding out how this book would play out. Thank you to the author for sending this wonderful book my way.


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