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Review of Again, Rachel

This is book seven in a long series but I didn’t realize that. It can definitely be read as a standalone but I want to go back and read some of the prior books. This was a heavy read at times as it deals with addiction, infidelity and stillbirth as well as other triggers so this book won’t be suitable for everyone. It is not all serious though. There are some humorous and heartwarming moments too. I have a confession to make - just over half way through I cheated and read the last two chapters. This is quite a long book and there was foreshadowing that I thought could go different ways at the end. I had a sigh of relief when the ending went the way I wanted. I never read ahead but I broke my own rule for this one. Overall I really liked this book and I loved the Walsh family. I liked how complex the characters were and their real and at times raw moments. This book was well written and definitely kept my interest. I highly recommend reading this if you like character driven stories.


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