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Review of Before You Knew Me

I loved this book! Sharon is reluctant when her law firm assigns her to work on a pro bono case. On the upside she wants to be named full partner in the firm so she hopes this will be the case to get her promoted. That is before she finds out what the case is and who she is representing. After a family scandal involving her father, when she was a child, Sharon is reluctant to take on cases involving developers and city owned land. The case she will be proceeding with will mean she has to face some of the scandal from the past. Even worse the surly social worker that is assigned to work with her doesn’t make the case any more appealing initially. Kent represents a not for profit group that is hoping to build a great space in Vancouver’s Downtown East side. This is an area of the city where many homeless people and people generally down on their luck reside on the streets. Kent hopes to get more people off the streets and offer more programs for them with the building they have planned. The relationship that developed between Sharon and Kent was great. I loved them together. I also really enjoyed reading a book centered in Canada. This book had a lot of depth and I really was happy to see the character growth of both Sharon and Kent. If you like a romance with some interesting societal and family issues then this is for you!!


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