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Review of Canadian Boyfriend

This was an interesting romance between a dance instructor and a hockey player. Aurora meets a Canadian hockey player briefly while working in a coffee shop. She immediately likes him and since she is so busy with dance and is a bit of a loner at school she devises a fake boyfriend. Everyone believes he is always too busy to attend any events with her and since he is only in her imagination this works perfectly for her. Years later she suddenly runs into the boy from the coffee shop. Now he is all grown up, playing in the NHL, and is a widower with a young daughter. They slowly embark on a tenuous romantic relationship. I enjoyed the writing and the Canadianisms. One term used repeatedly in the book was calling someone a hoser. This was a Canadian term used years ago but I haven’t really heard of anyone saying this in many years. The rest of the Canadian tidbits were humorous and fit well. The dialogue was good and the characters were likeable. I really wish the ending wouldn’t have been so rushed as I would have liked more details about their future etc. Overall a fun book! Looking forward to the next one!!


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