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Review of Chance of a Lifetime

I’m not usually a fan of time travel books but this one piqued my interest. The story alternates between present day and Ireland in 1844. Liam, a thief and a poor commoner falls in love with Cora who comes from an upper crust family. Cora is also madly in love with Liam in 1844. Fast forward and Angels drop Liam into present day and tell him he must convince Cora to marry a man named Finn. Although this breaks his heart Liam attempts to encourage Cora to fall in love with the boring Finn. In 1840 Cora was a sweet shy girl. In 2020 she is anything but. She is a cop and a completely independent woman who is often annoyed by Liam but also intrigued. She feels a connection to him but isn’t sure why. Does Liam succeed in doing what the Angels wanted? We don’t know as this is Book One. Looking forward to the next book to find out how the story ends.


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