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Review of Every Summer After

I love a first love romance and a second chance romance and this book has both of those tropes. Spanning 13 years we follow the friendship of Percy and Sam as it turns into romance. The book is told with dual timelines - past and present. Percy and Sam meet at age 13 when Percy starts going to her family’s new lake cabin. They bond instantly as friends and then as the years and summers pass their romance begins. The summer before they start university everything falls apart. The book gives you all the feels and tugs on the emotions. I loved the story and the setting. Most of the book happens when Percy is at the lake and it sounds like idyllic summer days. The characters are well written and with depth and the character development was perfect. The setting of the book is in Ontario, Canada and that was refreshing to see. This is a perfect book for summer! This is a debut author and I can’t wait to read what she writes next.


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