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Review of Honey Girl

This was such an interesting story about an overachieving millennial trying to find herself and her way in the world. Grace Porter has just received her PhD in astronomy but hits a road block in trying to figure out where to go with this. Her strict father has always encouraged her to strive high in life and she has always tried to make him proud. Grace has struggled with issues regarding both her parents through the years and she has reached a breaking point. After drunkenly marrying a stranger while on a trip to Vegas Grace’s life is even more confused. Grace goes to New York in search of her new wife and to see if they can build a relationship. There were many poignant moments throughout the book where Grace digs deep to really understand herself and what she wants. As with many people graduating from university she grapples with what she wants her future to be versus expectations she feels constrained by. Overall an interesting book and even more importantly is that Grace is black and has always known she has to strive harder than a white woman to achieve her academic and career successes.


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