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Review of Last Summer at the Golden Hotel

This was an interesting and enchanting story set in the Catskills of NY. Two couples built a family resort in the 1960’s that sounds like it would have been amazing for the time period. Slowly the hotel needed more maintenance and refurbishing as the clientele began to seek out more modern places to vacation. Modernization was hard to do with the dwindling money coming in from too few guests. The original owners with their children and now also grandchildren meet to decide the fate of the iconic hotel. As the family members reminisce it definitely takes you back to a much simpler time in the ways people chose to vacation. The question remains - should they sell the resort to a casino developer or keep running the Golden Hotel? There are great characters and subplots within the book. I liked the writing and pacing and overall really enjoyed the story. Definitely a great book to read with summer vacation nearly here.


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