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Review of Meghan and the UnMasking of the Monarchy

Thank you Grand Central Pub for my free review copy. I’m a big royalty fan so I was interested to see what updates had been added to this book. Andrew Morton has done a massive amount of research and he is well connected to confidants of the Royals. This book has more detail about Meghan, before she started dating Prince Harry, than some other books have and I enjoyed learning more. It is understandable how such a strong independent woman would chafe within the confines of the Royal institution. I think it would also be a struggle for someone who has not been brought up with a strong understanding or connection to the roles of someone within the Royal confines. Sadly the fairytale of Harry and Meghan being royal figures will not happen. That definitely seems for the best after the famous Oprah interview and all the lies told by the couple were exposed. This is briefly dealt with at the end of the book. If you are a Royal fan you will enjoy this book.


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