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Review of Mercury

If you love Tracey Lange’s books this one will be perfect for you. I love family drama books and this is another one that had me invested in the story and the authentic characters. This book is set in the 1990’s in a small town in Pennsylavanvia. Marley is the new girl in town and at age 17 she yearns for a family. She soon becomes a part of the Joseph family when she marries one of the sons after finding out they are going to become parents. The dysfunction and personalities in the family are not what she hoped for but she carries on and makes the best of the situation. As she sees her mother-in-law beaten down and withering from the family dynamics she is determined to be a strong independent woman in control of her life. As secrets are revealed as years go by how will the family shift and will the structure of it change or stay the same? A very interesting and well written domestic drama!


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