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Review of Rescue You

This is a book that I really enjoyed. Constance has recently lost her father and her fiancé has left her. She has neglected her health and her life has fallen into a rut. Constance’s sister Sunny is always after her to get out of the house and to begin to enjoy life again. Constance unexpectantly joins a gym and her life begins to change. She starts a relationship with the gym owner and slowly gets her life back. Rhett has PTSD and injuries from his years serving overseas and he is impressed with Constance as soon as he sees her determination in his gym. It was wonderful to see these characters learn to trust each other. Sunny meanwhile is busy running her dog rescue center and realizes she has some important decisions to make in the relationship department as well. It was heartbreaking to read about how horribly dogs were mistreated before coming to the dog rescue. Between Constance’s dog massages and Sunny’s rehab it was great to see these dogs improve. Overall this was an engaging book with a great storyline and interesting characters.


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