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Review of Smooth as Silk

What a cute story! Hyacinth lives in a small town and runs a bridal shop. While she loves the store she aspires to make it more. Her dream is to design and create dresses for her brides. A pro hockey team is also situated in the town and with that comes brash and unfiltered defenceman Robbie. Unbeknownst to Hyacinth is that Robbie’s family owns a bridal shop in Scotland. He proceeds to unexpectedly take over a bridal fitting she is having and she is livid. The one positive is that this brings an important business proposition her way. The downside is they want Robbie to participate too. Hyacinth is an uptight and focus driven person and she doesn’t appreciate the outgoing personality of Robbie. Of course being a romance sparks fly. Robbie’s character is adorable and is very well rounded as the book progresses. We also learn a lot more about what makes Hyacinth tick. This is the second book in the series but can also be read as a standalone. If you are in the mood for a romance story check this one out!


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