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Review of Swap and Smell the Roses

I really enjoyed this book! Willow and her best friend swap homes for two months so she leaves her Brooklyn apartment for a small cottage in rural Connecticut. There Willow has to contend with her grouchy landlord Reid! The more she wears down Reid’s grumpiness the more attracted she is to him. Willow also has to confront her feelings about her musical career after a disastrous performance has left her in limbo. She has been struggling and trying to achieve success for many years and is uncertain if she wants to continue trying to make a career out of music. Reid is also contending with some important issues in his life and the appearance of Willow starts to break down his barriers and aloofness. The main characters are engaging and the secondary characters are endearing. The plot is interesting and well written and the book has great pacing. Overall I really enjoyed this book and was sorry to see it end.


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