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Review of Take the Lead: Hanging On, Letting Go, and Conquering Life's Hardest Climbs

I am always intrigued by books about climbers and this was no exception. The author has written an interesting memoir about her life as a climber. She started as a child and then began winning US and World Championships. After conquering this she moved on to bigger and better outdoor climbs around the world. Achieving her success in this male dominated sport Sasha has been the first woman to complete many ascents. In addition to intense training and competitions she also received her degree from Columbia University. Sasha has a great curiosity and interest about the world in all aspects not just the climbing world. She has been and continues to be involved in issues around climate change and empowering girls in sports. Overall this was a compelling story about someone who has an amazing internal drive which propelled her through her sport, university, and through injuries. Sasha has also now become a successful entrepreneur.

If you have an interest in climbing or a great story about female empowerment give this one a try.


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