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Review of The Celebrants

This story follows six - now five people who went to university together and formed very close bonds and connections to one another. As the years pass their friendship wanes as they move on with their adult lives and careers but they are brought together with a strange request. They have all agreed to a pact where they will have funerals for each other while they are still alive. As odd as this sounds it works for them and even though they are scattered across the US they get together when one of them requests their funeral. The funerals are meant to show love and validation for the person that is struggling. I love friendship stories so this one intrigued me. I have to say I didn’t like the female characters as much as I loved the Jordan’s. Again at one point in this book, as he did with The Guncle, the author tore my heart apart. As this is a strange premise I wondered how this plot would work. In the end it comes full circle and as I said it works for these characters. If you love stories about frienship and love for a family you choose then be sure to check this one out.


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