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Review of The Family Ship

Another amazing book by this author. Every time I finish one of Sonja Yoerg’s books I say I liked it more than the last one and I’ve decided I just love them all but this one nearly broke me. It’s 1980 and the large Vergennes family lives on the Chesapeake Bay. When I say they have a large family I mean nine children! Since they live out of town and have no money for outside activities the children play together on an old ship abandoned in their yard. This is such an elaborate game and pastime that the kids even have uniforms and military ranks. Their father was in the Korean War and passed down his rules of responsibility and respect down to the children. After the oldest son Jude fails to watch his siblings and something terrible happens to his sister Verity there is a massive falling out with Jude and his father. Jude, now 17, ends up leaving the family for the next few years. After tragedy strikes the family again Jude returns and the family dynamic again shifts. Among all this we get the POV of the children which was so great to hear. Verity has struggled the last few years, now being the oldest, and too many responsibilities have been placed on her shoulders. This is an amazing story about family through hard times and good times. Ultimately when things look beyond repair can this family put itself back together. This book is so beautifully written. The children all had a unique personality and voice. If you love a family drama story be sure to read this one.


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