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Review of The Haters

I am a big fan of Robyn Harding’s books and I might have found my new favourite. I was completely immersed in this story! Camryn is a debut author and after her book is published she begins to get a lot of 1 star reviews and personal threats. We have all heard how unscrupulous reviewers sometimes band together and post less than favourable reviews to destroy the ratings on an author’s book and this was definitely happening here. As this continued more online personal threats were also made toward her. There were so many characters that could have been candidates out to destroy Camryn’s personal and professional life and I would alternate between who I suspected many times until all was finally revealed. Books about authors and publishing are always interesting when we get a little peek into their world although this is certainly a dark side of what can happen. This book is fast paced and well written. I loved the suspense and as I said it had me guessing until the end. Definitely pick this one up!


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