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Review of The Little French Bridal Shop

Larissa returns to her hometown after her aunt dies so she can prepare her house for sale. As she passes a wedding dress store she goes in on a whim and buys a wedding dress. The big problem is that she doesn’t have a groom since she recently broke up with her boyfriend. As it is a small town word gets out that Larissa is getting married. She keeps the lies and the charade going. Meanwhile she is also having problems with her relationship with her parents. Her mother has dementia and Larissa struggles with the new reality of her mom. She avoids going to visit and helping care for her mom because she can’t accept how her mom is now. Larissa keeps getting further and further into her lies and avoidance behaviour until it all becomes too much. Finally she has to face up to reality and realize she has to make changes. I struggled with Larissa at times with her poor decisions. This is a character driven novel.


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