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Review of The Push

This is a psychological family drama that I read in one sitting! There were definite shades of another book, Baby Teeth, throughout the book but it still kept me transfixed. Much of this book is told as if the main character, Blythe, was writing to her husband Fox. This book details three generations of women who struggle with motherhood. Blythe is the third generation and after she becomes a mother to Violet she soon realizes that they have not bonded. Motherhood is not going how Blythe had planned it. Violet however adores her dad and therefore Fox can’t understand what Blythe’s problem is. As time goes by Blythe starts to believe Violet is capable of horrendous actions. It is a great relief when Violet becomes a loving big sister to her new brother. Blythe is also thrilled that she has developed a great maternal bond with her new baby in a way she has always dreamt of. As new incidents occur with Violet is it because Blythe is always so quick to think the worst of her or is Blythe the problem? This is a disturbing fast paced book and it definitely kept me guessing until the end. I read this a couple of weeks ago but have delayed my review because this book definitely is unsettling and gives you a lot to process.


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