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Review of The Woman with the Blue Star

What an amazing and heartbreaking historical fiction book by author Pam Jenoff. Sadie and her family are forced to live in a ghetto in Krakow, Poland as the country is under German control in WWII. Ella is living in Krakow and is living with her overbearing step mother in her family home. To further hide from the German’s, Sadie and her mother have to flee to the underground sewers with another family. It is unbelievable that people had to go to such lengths to survive and unfortunately these are the horrors of war. By chance one day Ella sees Sadie through a sewer grate. A wonderful friendship forms and Ella risks her own safety to help Sadie. Both of these woman showed resilience, loyalty, and immense bravery. I was completely absorbed in this book and I highly recommend it if you like historical fiction.


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