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Review of Two for the Road

What a fun heartwarming book! Gigi owns a romance bookstore and is looking for her own romance. She is entranced by the voice of an audiobook narrator and because of past family history she thinks he could be her soulmate. GIgi travels from the US to England to meet Zane and begin her love story. Zane works as a guide for a travel company and Gigi is booked to take one of his tours. Complications arise and her meet cute is struggling to happen. In the meantime she strikes up a friendship with Taj the tour bus driver. The other passengers on the tour were eccentric and interesting. All of the descriptions of the places Gigi visited were wonderful. Between the great characters and snappy dialogue I was really invested in the story. After following Gigi on her travels it’s made me want to get back to more traveling. I really enjoyed this book - and I loved the little references to Canada as well as the books mentioned throughout.


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