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Review of You'll Forget This Ever Happened

What a gut wrenching memoir. Laura was an unwed pregnant teenager in the 1960’s. When the father refused to marry her or be supportive of the pregnancy her parents sent her to a home for unwed mothers in New Orleans. Here the girls agree that in exchange for staying there they would give their babies up for adoption. Laura desperately wanted to keep her baby but her parents wouldn’t allow it. What a terrible time in the 1960’s with what these girls went through and the shame and stigma toward them. Laura always regretted giving up her baby and it caused her such anguish! She went on to have more children and was such an amazing mother. She was raised by a cold and emotionally unavailable mother so it was so incredible to see how her parenting was so different. 50 years later she was finally reunited with her son. It was a wonderful time in her life and she developed a great relationship with him. This was such an honest and raw memoir. At times it was so heartbreaking. What a strong and resilient person Laura is with all that she has lived through. Such an important and timely memoir as we all know women are still fighting for their rights. It was enlightening to learn what really went on in these homes and to see how women in general were viewed in the 1960’s. If you love memoirs add this one to your must read list.


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