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Review of The Patch: The People, Pipelines, and Politics of the Oil Sands

This is an interesting and complex book. This book deals with the oil sands industry in Northern Alberta. It begins in 2008 during the economic collapse. This was also when we started to become more aware of the environmental damage being caused by this necessary industry. This raises the complexity about our need to protect the environment and our need for oil and how these need to coexist. I found this book especially interesting because it also gives a human element to the city of Fort McMurray. The city always gets a bad rap in the press and this book gives a lot more personal detail on the people and the community. There is also a lot of detail about the big oil companies that have thei

Review of Feeding My Mother: Comfort and Laughter in the Kitchen as My Mom Lives with Memory Loss

Jann Arden is an award winning singer, songwriter, entertainer and I’m going to add comedienne. Jann has had a very close relationship with her parents - often making loving jokes about them while performing. Unfortunately Jann’s dad has now passed away and her mother suffers from Alzheimer’s. Jann’s new book talks about her parents and the close bond she has with her mom as she has now become her caretaker. This is a beautiful book with wonderful stories. There are also recipes included. Anyone who is already a fan of Jann will love this book as will anyone who wants to read a wonderful story of family and love. I absolutely loved this book.

Review of How We Did It

As first glance you assume this book will be about the author’s son, NHL star PK Subban. It is about that and so much more. Karl talks about immigrating to Canada as a child and the morals and ethics instilled by his parents. After becoming an educator Karl took immense interest in helping his students succeed. He went on to instill all this in his own five children. Each of his children have found great success in their lives. This is a very compelling book for educators and parents. An overall great read. Inspirational family story with hockey thrown in too!

Review of Endurance

I received this book from PenguinRandomHouseCa for an honest review. I have to start by saying I love stories about space, space shuttles, and the space station. I had known of Scott and his twin brother, also an astronaut, Mark Kelly long before Scott was chosen for this mission so I was very excited about this book. This book is a wonderful account of Scott’s year in space. We hear of the isolation and the toll it takes on your body. Scott describes getting into the space program and his missions. It also details how precarious these missions are. Overall this is a great book about living in space. Highly recommend.

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