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Review of Drive: The Lasting Legacy of Tiger Woods

I am an avid sports follower so I was interested in what this new book about Tiger Woods had to say! There are some sports I follow all the time and some I follow sporadically. Golf is one that I follow sporadically but I do follow the major tournaments. The Masters Tournament was held a couple of weeks ago and I am invariably interested in that one. Of course Tiger Woods is quite often a big part of the story whenever one of the big tournaments is being held. This book details many of the events in Tiger’s life. Love him or hate him his story is compelling and I found this book very informative. I’m not a golfer but my family is and we have followed Tiger’s accomplishments and setbacks over the years and there have have been a lot of both. The thing about Tiger as shown in this book is his perseverance in overcoming daunting obstacles. The Masters this year proved once again that he has a lot more work to do to add more wins to his storied career and time will tell whether he can do it.


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