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Review of Romantic Comedy

This is my first book by this author and I went into it not knowing a thing about it. I’m so glad I did because it was a great surprise to read and immerse myself in the plot. Sally is a writer for a Saturday night sketch comedy show that is loosely based on Saturday Night Live. I found learning the inner workings of this show very entertaining. I have been on a tour of SNL in the past so a lot of the descriptions of the set and studio were vivid in my mind. It was interesting to learn how the show is put together every week. Sally is a great writer with a lot of wit which shines in her sketches. Noah is a famous pop music star and the host and musical guest on the next show. To say I loved Noah is an understatement. The more we learn about him the more intriguing and amazing he is. Sally and Noah work together a bit during the week preparing for the show. Throughout this they seem to have a tenuous personal connection that she ultimately destroys at the after party of the show. They have no contact after that until Sally unexpectantly gets an email from Noah two years later as Covid and lockdowns are in full swing. They start communicating through emails and then on FaceTime. Eventually Noah convinces her to travel to LA and stay with him to see where the relationship can go. Sally is very unsure of herself and a bit neurotic and is overwhelmed by Noah’s fame and wealth. She’s been through a divorce and really doubts Noah could be interested in her. Noah slowly convinces her of her talent and self worth and the fact that he is fully invested in having a relationship and future with her. I loved the personal growth of both characters. Noah and Sally stayed very true to themselves which I loved. I was awed by the writing and vast vocabulary as well as the humour and heartwarming moments. I enjoyed the snappy dialogue throughout the book and overall I just really didn’t want this book to end. Looking forward to reading more from this author.


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