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Review of Sweet Water

Overall I liked this book but there were some things that I found irritating. Sarah has been married for 20 years and appears to have a charmed life. She knows she is very privileged to be living so affluently with her charming college sweetheart. She has some issues with his influential family but basically looks the other way. In the span of a few hours she changes her mind about her husband and her eyes are suddenly opened as to what he is capable of to keep his reputation perfect. When their son gets into a situation where he could be a murder suspect Sarah sees her husband breaking laws and covering up evidence to clear their son. I understand you would go to extreme measures to help your child although these were steps that a normal person could never have implemented nor should they. Once Sarah caught on it was like she had never truly seen her husband before. Once she does she laments for many pages how she won’t be under the family’s and her husband’s control.


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