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Q&A with Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke

Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke Current book - Girls’ Night Out This book is out July 24. Pick up their other books too!! Full review is on the blog. Here are my July 4th featured authors. The first time I ever had any contact with Lisa and Liz was during the first couple of months after I started my Bookstagram account. I put up a post about their book The Year I Turned Forty and how much I liked it. They commented on my post and we got to chatting. They sent me an ecopy of The Good Widow which I loved. These were the first authors I actually connected with personally. I was pretty excited!! Over time we have commented on things on each other’s posts or stories. I chose Lisa and Liz for

Q&A with Amy Mason Doan

AMY MASON DOAN The Summer List (Debut Novel) My review is on the blog. Hi. Meet the author I chose for my July 3 post. I wanted to highlight a debut author from both the US and Canada and since Amy has a new book out that I loved she is a perfect fit as my US author. She tells me her husband and daughter are Canadian so we will partly claim her too! Reading this book it is hard to believe this is a debut. Do yourself a favour and pick up this book this summer. It’s a great story of friendship which is a subject I love to read about. Looking forward to more books from her. Here is what we chatted about. Were you a reader as a child? Yes, I’ve always been a voracious reader. I devoured every

Q&A with Janice Redford

Jan Redford End Of The Rope (Debut author) Full review is on the blog. I chose Jan for Day 2 of my giveaway because I wanted to feature a debut Canadian author. I was happy Jan wanted to participate in this because her story is so compelling. This book is a memoir of Jan’s journey from adolescence to her forties. This is a fascinating story and it is told so honestly. As I say in my review the second aspect of the story that drew me in is that many of the locations mentioned in the book are near where I live so I had familiarity with them. I know I would have been fascinated by her story wherever it took place though. I originally corresponded with Jan right after finishing her book last win

Q&A with Karma Brown

Karma Brown The Life Lucy Knew Check out Karma’s other books. They are all great. Full review is on the blog. I chose Karma to lead off my Canada Day giveaway for many reasons. First of all, I love her writing. I also wanted to feature an established author from both countries. Since Karma is a proud Canadian I felt she was the perfect person to showcase on this first post. Karma has also overcome some major medical issues over the years with her perseverance and optimism which I hugely admire. I loved the new book. I’ve loved all of them. Funny story! I was reading Come Away With Me while I was on vacation with my family. I was really enjoying this book and thinking I was going to have t

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