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Review of The Split

This was my first book by this author but it won’t be my last. I really enjoyed this twisty thriller. Some of the twists I saw coming and some were quite a surprise. It was interesting to have some of the story take place on an Antarctic Island. The homeless element was also a great part of the plot. The book was fast paced with interesting characters and you get swept up with Felicity and her life. This is a suspenseful story that I would definitely recommend.

Review of The New Husband

Thank you St Martins Press and Netgalley for my review copy. I definitely had some problems with this book. The plot used a similar format to many other thrillers. It seemed a little too much like something I had read before, for the first half of the book. There were some interesting characters that really helped move the story along. In particular I liked Maggie and Ben. We realize very quickly what is happening with Nina and Simon and we just need to get to the end to find out how the pieces will fit together. I liked the author’s last novel, Saving Meghan, and I will read more by this author but I just felt like this book was a bit too predictable.

Review of My Kind of People

Lisa Duffy is one of my favourite authors so I was excited to read her latest book. This is another character driven novel that is located in New England. Ten year old Sky has recently lost her parents. Surprisingly they have named Leo as her guardian. Leo and Sky’s parents had been best friends for years. The relationship between Sky and Leo is written so beautifully. The author’s characters are always so real and authentic which is one of the best aspects of her books. Unfortunately not everyone is happy Leo has uprooted his life to live on Ichabod Island. Leo was recently married and his husband wants them to return to their previous comfortable life in the city. Leo is pulled in differen

Review of The Secrets of Love Story Bridge

I loved this charming book! Mitchell is busy trying to maintain a life for himself and his daughter, Poppy, after the death of his wife. He left his job as an engineer to spend more time with Poppy and now works on the city’s bridges cutting off love locks left on them. His life is turned upside when he becomes a local hero after saving a woman who has fallen into the river. From there his quiet life becomes very busy with all the new people it has brought into his and Poppy’s world. The secondary characters are wonderful but I really loved the characters of Mitchell and Poppy and their relationship. This is a lovely character driven novel that is heartwarming to read. I enjoyed seeing the p

Review of Sister Dear

I love Hannah Mary McKinnon’s books and this is another one that kept me eagerly reading from beginning to end. This is a slow burn psychological thriller that centers around the main character, Eleanor. Eleanor’s father has just died and she has just become aware of a secret about her regarding her family. I empathized with Eleanor as she was already down on her luck and living an isolated and lonely existence before the secret was revealed. It was heartbreaking to see how her mother and sister treated her. Once Eleanor decides to dig deeper into the family secret we start to see a more invigorated Eleanor and she is a person on a mission. As this is a thriller I don’t want to give too many

Review of The Skeptical Physick

After reading and loving The Boundary Stone last year I was eager to read the next book by this talented author. This book is just as fascinating and well written as her previous book. We follow Catherine and Simon on a new journey at the time of the Great Fire of London. It is so interesting to see how the science of medicine, that we now take for granted, has evolved from these earlier times. The story is so compelling and you are totally immersed in it throughout the book. The historical research done on this book is just as thorough as the first book. I can’t emphasize enough how much historical fiction readers would love these books!

Review of The Last Flight

Two women - both running away from their current lives. Two women - a chance encounter at the airport and they decide to switch airline tickets and destinations. This is a fast paced suspenseful story and I loved it. Claire is running away from her powerful and abusive husband. Eva is running away from her life as a drug maker and dealer. Both of the women know this is their only chance to escape and completely disappear. When Claire’s initial plan is stopped she knows she has to pivot quickly. After the women meet they quickly decide to switch flights. The story is told by both Claire and Eva in the past and present. I really liked the way the time line and story alternated. There were some

Review of Rules for Moving

This story focuses on Lane and her six year old son, Henry. Lane is an advice columnist for a newspaper and is in the process of separating from her alcoholic husband when he dies in a car accident. No one knows Lane was having marital trouble so she keeps it a secret to spare Henry so he will be unaware of what was really happening with his parents. So much of Lane’s life is a mess - from her job worries, to her finances, and her relationship with her parents. Lane’s childhood was always in upheaval due to the many moves her family made. She remembers back to these moves when she has to move to a different city with Henry. I liked the idea of the story but I just didn’t connect with any of

Review of The Lies That Bind

Overall I liked this book but I’m not sure how I feel about the ending. This is only my second book by this author so well loved characters she has brought back briefly were lost on me. I can definitely see why other readers would have enjoyed this. There was a lot happening in this book and at times it felt rushed. I love stories set in New York City so that was a definite plus for me. I did like the dialogue in the book. Overall I’m still conflicted about how I feel about Cecily’s choice at the end.

Review of The Trouble with Hating You

This is overall a romcom that also deals with some serious issues. I loved learning more about the Indian culture and the food descriptions are mouth watering. Initially I was a little annoyed with Liya and her aggressive and bad attitude toward things - especially toward Jay, who is swoon worthy and all around wonderful. Once we start to learn more of Liya’s back story her attitude and personality make sense. I really enjoyed this book and would love to read more from this author. I hope Liya’s friends might get their own book.

Review of The Family Upstairs

This was a wonderfully atmospheric and creepy book by one of my favourite authors. Libby receives a letter from a lawyer on her 25th birthday. The letter is supposed to help Libby discover her birth family as she was adopted as a small child. Instead of answering some of Libby’s questions it brings up more of the mystery as to who Libby is. Libby’s 25th birthday also is a milestone for other people as well. This was a great thriller and the writing was so descriptive you have chills up your spine while reading it. Another great book by Lisa Jewell.

Review of Big Summer

I think this might be the first book I’ve read by the author so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Daphne is the central figure in this book and she is a successful plus size social media influencer. She has had body issues for years that were exacerbated by her ex friend Drue. The two women haven’t spoken in years so Daphne is surprised when Drue begs her to be a bridesmaid at her wedding. Daphne warily agrees and she heads to Cape Cod for the ceremony. She hopes this will be great for her social media posts and she is thrilled to renew her friendship with Drue. Here is where the book really picks up the pace and we start having multiple stories happening at once. I thought it was a bit too much

Review of The Swap

Another great book by one of my favourite authors. One of the things I loved about this book was the setting. The story takes place on a remote island in the Pacific Northwest of Canada and the culture and climate of the island are important parts of the story. Both the author and I are Canadian and I liked how she slipped in some other Canadian things like an ex hockey player as a character etc. But I digress, this is a fast paced suspenseful book that I flew through. The writing is so atmospheric and descriptive. The characters are all flawed and have secrets. Low is the teenage girl that is miserable with her life. She befriends a newcomer to the island, a woman named Freya. Freya and her

Review of The Vacation

This was a quick read and one that definitely kept me guessing. Four women that have been friends since college are trying to get back on track with their regular vacations together so they plan to take their husbands and families this time. All of the family members know each other so the women think it will be a good time for everyone. It soon becomes apparent that all the women have secrets from their families and each other. Their lovely vacation in a villa in France quickly becomes tense and dangerous. I kept trying to guess the next steps in this book but I was surprised at the conclusion. It was so hard to tell which woman was lying and when. This would definitely be a great book to r

Review of The Hideaway Inn

Thank you to Carina Adores for access to this book. One of my favourite tropes is a second chance romance and this one didn’t disappoint. Vince returns to his hometown to flip an Inn in need of repair so he can make money and head back to his life in NYC. Enter Tack, the boy Vince had a crush on for years. Tack has remained in their hometown and is a beloved member of the community. Sparks fly and a great romance begins. I flew through this book! Looking forward to more great books from this imprint.

Review of How to Save a Life

Okay so it’s no secret I like the books the talented author duo of Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke write. They are also two of the nicest authors and I was lucky enough to do an interview with them for my blog a couple of years ago. One thing I admire is that they aren’t afraid to change up their writing style. Their current book is also a new writing departure for them. When I first started this book I worried I wouldn’t like it. That it wouldn’t be my kind of book. Well, early on in the book I started to see where this one was going and I was along for the ride. Poor Dom, the main character, has to keep living Thursday over repeatedly in a time loop as he tries to save his ex fiancé from dying

Review of Secret Lives of Mothers & Daughters

This is a well written book and I really loved the connecting stories told in this book. I always enjoy family stories so this book about mothers and daughters had me intrigued. On Asha’s 18th birthday her parents tell her she was adopted as a baby. She is completely stunned to learn this and is furious at her parents for keeping this a secret for so long. Her parents have a letter from her birth mother and Asha then begins searching to learn more about her biological parents. Mala is a grad student at university and her father has recently passed away. Her mother, Veena, is quite traditional in her Indian culture and is hoping Mala will soon marry an Indian man to guarantee her future. Mala

Review of Keep Me Afloat

I really loved this book. It’s a story of forgiveness, moving forward and second chances. The characters were great and I really liked the writing style. Abby returns home to a small town in Washington state after a career setback. She is a marine biologist and has to reassess her career plans upon her return home. I was fascinated learning so much about the Pacific Ocean and the many sea animals that inhabit it. Overall a really great book that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Review of The Ruby of the Sea

When the author offered to send me her book I immediately said yes. I had enjoyed The Welcome Home Diner, an earlier book of hers. I initially thought this might be a light fluffy read but it was so much more than that. This book is a family drama and it deals with some serious issues. One of the issues dealt with is mental illness. I was happy to see links at the end of the book for sources available in the US and Canada for anyone needing assistance with mental health problems. An important element of the story is a lighthouse which has a myth surrounding it. I enjoyed reading about the various different family relationships and dynamics. I also enjoyed the beautiful sea setting. Overall a

Review of Side Trip

I just finished Kerry Lonsdale’s new book and my emotions are all over the place. This book is amazing!! It is a character driven love story and it is one of the best books in this genre I have read. Joy is traveling across the country as a bucket list tribute to her late sister. Her sister Judy had decided on the bucket list just before she died and Joy is completing it as she makes her way along Route 66 from California to NYC. Joy has just finished college and is moving to NYC to be with her fiancé and begin her career there. By chance Joy meets Dylan, a singer/songwriter, in a diner after his car breaks down. He is also heading to NYC and is performing in small town bars along the way. T

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