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Review of Hello Sunshine

This was an interesting book. It is very timely as it is about social media and our perception of so called celebrities. Sunshine (Sunny) MacKenzie has built her life and career around lies. She has become a YouTube cooking sensation. The problem is - she doesn't know how to cook. The book begins as Sunny's life starts to unravel. Her social media accounts have been hacked and the truth about her comes out. Her marriage and career instantly are destroyed. She is forced to go back to her hometown to try and find a way to start over. We learn that basically everything Sunny has promoted about herself is false - from the truth about where she was brought up and the type of family she had and basically everything else. All these falsehoods were a selling point in marketing her and having people love her. When it was all gone she had to find her way back. It's so true that every moment of so many people's lives is set up on social media to look awesome. The writing was good and the characters were interesting. I didn't really like the ending though. It felt like it just sorta stopped and left us hanging. It would have been nice to hear more about Sunny's life going forward. 4/5 stars. Thanks to Netgalley for allowing me to read this book for an honest review.

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